Welcome to ID4 UK, my Independence Day website. ID4 is one of my favourite films ever! But I noticed there was very little fan fiction for the film on the Internet, so I decided to create my own.

My first story was ID4 UK, what might have happened in Britain (where I live) during the beginning of July. The site is named after that story. Also on this site is the script for the Independence Day movie and very soon there will be more fan fictions!

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Benjamin Towse.


ID4: The Script


The complete transcript of the Independence Day movie! This is the Special Edition which has 9 minutes of restored footage that was dropped from the film in the cinema.




On April 29th, a teenager discovers an asteroid, which is due to pass Earth on July 2nd. But when July 2nd comes, the asteroid turns out to be an alien ship! Life in Britain will never be the same again...

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Here is a good website about my favourite TV show, Frasier. It has everything to offer for the Frasier fan, plus it's also advertising this site! And it has some of my Frasier fan fiction as well.